60" Yanmar (by Woods Equipment) 3-Point Tractor Grading Scraper Model YGS60C

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Made in USA.

Yanmar (by Woods Equipment) Grading Scrapers give you the power to smooth, grade and reconstruct. Whether you have a gravel driveway, a show arena or baseball diamond, a Yanmar Grading Scraper is the right tool. Build or restore areas to pristine condition for driving or playing.

Yanmar Grading Scrapers are designed to handle more material in fewer passes. The heavy-duty mast plate creates more down force for a smoother surface, virtually eliminating the washboard effect. Adjustable skid shoes (for road shaping) and shanks make changes simple and economical. With one of the tallest side frames available, it allows you to grade more material without overflow while approachable leading edges and structural reinforcements keep your scraper stronger for longer.

Heavy Mast Plate
Solid mast plate provides increased weight for greater down force and constant ground contact, resulting in smoother surfaces with fewer passes.

Reinforced Back
Reinforcement bar maintains strength and handles heavier material without compromising structure.

Industry Leading Height
Higher sides contain more material with little risk of overflow.

Replaceable Scarifiers & Shanks
Replaceable scarifiers with hardened points for exceptional durability and versatility.

Reversible Cutting Edges
Reversible and replaceable cutting edge for better, longer wear.

Unique Pocket Structure Shanks
Shank pocket maintains toolbar strength.

Replaceable and Adjustable Skid Shoes
Replaceable skid shoes keep the unit looking new. Heavy skids wear longer; outside adjustment allows for quick changes during road shaping.

* 60-inch working width
* Three-point hitch: Category 1
* 16-inch box height – one of the tallest in the industry
* Adjustable skid shoes and shanks for more precise road shaping
* Approachable leading edges and structural reinforcements keep scraper stronger, longer
* Reversible/replaceable high-carbon cutting edges
* ASABE quick-hitch compatibility ensures faster, easier and safer hook-ups
* Some Assembly Required

Additional Information

Additional Information

Horsepower Recommended25 - 65 HP (18.6 - 48.5 KW)
Width - Overall64" (163 cm)
Width - Working60" (5 Feet; 152 cm)
Shanks / Scarifiers4 - Adjustable, Hardened Steel Ripping Shanks with Replaceable Tips
Grading Blade Adjustment0" to 1-1/2" (0 to 4 cm) Height Adjustment
Cutting Edge1/2” x 6” Hardened Steel; Bolt-On / Reversible / Replaceable, Included
Skid ShoesAdjustable and Replaceable, Included
Hitch Connection TypeCategory 1, 3-Point Hitch, Quick-Hitch Compatible
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