Construction Attachments Tractor Bucket Bolt-On Tooth Bar

Availability: Approximately 7-10 Business Days.


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48" to 58-7/8" Tractor Bucket Bolt-On Tooth Bar - 5 Teeth
Our Price: $299.00
59" to 69-7/8" Tractor Bucket Bolt-On Tooth Bar - 6 Teeth
Our Price: $339.00
70" to 75-7/8" Tractor Bucket Bolt-On Tooth Bar - 7 Teeth

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Our Price: $309.95



Tractor Bucket Bolt-On Tooth Bars are custom-built to match the width of your bucket. They take approximately 7-10 business days to build once we receive your order. Please select the inside-to-inside dimension of your bucket when placing your order.IMPORTANT: Before measuring your bucket, verify that your cutting edge is no thicker than 1/2". If your cutting edge is thicker than 1/2", this tooth bar will not fit. If you have a thicker cutting edge, check out our href="/construction-attachments-skid-steer-bucket-bolt-on-tooth-bar.html" target="_blank">Bolt-On Tooth Bar for 3/4" Cutting Edges. If you already have an extra bolt-on cutting edge, you will need our href="/construction-attachments-bolt-on-extended-tooth-bar.html" target="_blank">Extended Bolt-On Tooth Bar which is designed for this purpose.If you have any questions, or to confirm your required size, please call us at 208-265-0415 and we will be happy to help.How to measure your bucket:
1) Take the measurement about 3-4" back from the front edge of your bucket.
2) Measure inside the bucket, from one sidewall to the other.
3) Provide your measurement to the nearest 1/8" and the toothbar will be sized accordingly to fit inside your bucket.
Made in USA. No welding required! This Bolt-On Tooth Bar is designed to accommodate up to a 1/2" welded-on edge on your existing bucket. Please contact us with any questions. Please confirm your measurements as all custom-built tooth bar sales are final.Features:
* Designed for general purpose or 4-in-1 multipurpose buckets with up to 1/2" front cutting edge
* Equipped with Fabco cast 2A teeth
* Excellent tool for loosening compacted soil or grubbing our rocks
* An economical and convertible alternative to individually bolted-on or welded-on teeth
* Adaptable to most tractor loader buckets
* Teeth are welded to 3" x 3/8" 1065 high carbon steel flat bar with beveled front edge
* Available in the following sizes:
   * 48" - 58-7/8" - 5 Teeth (model 1TBCMP48-58); 46 lbs.
   * 59" - 69-7/8" - 6 Teeth (model 1TBCMP59-69); 55 lbs.
   * 70" - 75-7/8" - 7 Teeth (model 1TBCMP70-75); 61 lbs.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Width - Inside Bucket48" - 75" (122 cm - 191 cm)
Teeth48" to 58" - 5 Replaceable 23-Series Cast Teeth
59" to 69" - 6 Replaceable 23-Series Cast Teeth
70" to 75" - 7 Replaceable 23-Series Cast Teeth
Teeth - Replaceable TipsYes
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