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Weld-On Skid Steer Universal Attachment Mounting Plate

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Made in USA.

This is a high-quality, heavy duty skid steer attachment mounting plate from KFI Products.

* Heavy duty one piece welded together design.
* Constructed of 1/4" Grade 50 steel with a 3/8" thick top bar.
* Laser cut and CNC formed.
* Plates are unpainted for ease of welding on attachments.
* Added cutouts for stronger welding options to buckets and other attachments.
* Fits all Skid Steers with the Universal Quick Attach mounting system.
* Easily mounts to your existing attachments.
* Easily makes old attachments compatible to new loaders with Quick Attach.
* Plate permits the use of non-universal attachments on skid steer loaders with universal hitch.
* Plate may be welded or drilled and bolted onto old attachments or used to build custom attachments--plows, fork lifts, bale handlers, and etc.

* Fits any Skid Steer manufactured after 1995 with Quick Attach
* Will fit some older models equipped with Quick Attach
* Fits any year Bobcat with Bobtach
* Fits any Universal Mount Skid Steer

Additional Information

Additional Information

Model 110050
Weight 68.0000
Hitch Connection Type Universal-Style Skid Steer Quick-Attach
Color Unpainted / Bare Metal
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